The Project Kickoff!

Getting my children to focus on anything but toys, Halloween, or cartoons is tough these days. So I knew I had to make this fun. I started off with the definition of service. We used my daughter’s tea set to “serve” one another tea. I love the fact that my boys enjoy tea time as much as my little girl! Anyway, we served each other tea, and I asked them, Do you guys know what service means?

Cole replied, Is that where you go to a place? I am sure he was thinking of a church service. So cute!

Tyler said simply, I don’t know.

I could see I had my work cut out for me. I decided to take a different approach with my question. I asked them, Do you know what a service project is? And this time, we got somewhere!

Cole said, Like when we took cans to that place?

Yes! I said.

And Tyler said, It’s when we give people food. When we help people.

Satisfied with their answers, I went on to tell them that we would be doing all sorts of fun stuff to help and serve people over the next year. They sort of understood, and at least we have a foundation for the project. I have high hopes for the results of this yearlong lesson in service to others. Off we go!


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