Service Project #5 – Neighborly Thanks

Only one month in, and we’re running a little behind. But thanks to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have been able to do a little catching up. This week seemed the perfect week to wish our neighbors a happy Thanksgiving and to thank them for being such great friends. We were going to deliver baskets of apples, but these white paper bags seemed more fun because the kids could write a message on them. I bought a variety of apples at the grocery store to load into the bags. Tyler had recently learned about the many varieties of apples, and he loved telling me all of them as we loaded the fruit in the bags.

Once the bags were ready, we were off to make our deliveries. I anticipated that we’d quickly stop by each, but it actually turned out to take a little longer than we thought. I didn’t anticipate how happy everyone would be to see us come by, stopping to chat at the door and even inviting us in. I’ll have to remember that for when we make our Christmas cookie deliveries so we add in some time to spend time at each house enjoying everyone’s company.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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