Service Project #13 – Seeds for Chase

Our service projects got put on the backburner during the last few weeks of my pregnancy…and then again after we lost baby Chase.  Knowing that I would not have a full maternity leave to spend with my kids like I’d originally thought, I decided we needed to do at least one service project while I was still home from work.  As I was reading about how to hepl the kids deal with the loss of Chase, I came across something that compared death of an infant to unopened flowers. Since it is spring time, I thought – flowers!  So we went to WalMart and I let the kids pick out packets of wildflower seeds.  They loved picking out their favorite colors – and we even wound up buying some basil seeds to try our hand at growing the plant at home.  Just across the street from WalMart is a long stretch of road where the wildflowers bloom every year.  I parked the car on the side of the road, then the kids and I got out to toss around our seeds.  I told them that we were not only helping to beautify the roadside, but every year when the flowers bloomed, we could remember and think of Chase.  They really loved that – smiles all around.  Here are some photos of our seeds for Chase project.


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