Service Project #19 – God’s Barnyard

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America World Hunger project helps to purchase animals for families living in IMAG0308developing part of the world. God’s Global Barnyard animals include cows, sheep, ducks, and pigs.  These animals provide families living in poverty with food, funds, and fertilizer, all for a better future. Every year our church takes part in the project by handing out these little paper barns that can be folded to collect bills and loose change.  Then on the assigned day, we all bring them to service and collect the money.  This year the kids are hoping our church raises enough to at least buy a cow for a family!  We’re emptying our change into the barnyard when we get home.  The boys even got their nana to donate a few dollars to help their cause! For more information about buying an animal for a family in need, visit


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