Service Project #24 – Food and Toys for the Animals

Believe it or not, there was a moment several weeks before Christmas when Cole animal1said to me, “Mom, I don’t want anything for Christmas because I have so much already.  Can we just ask Santa to bring me food and stuff that I can donate to an animal shelter?”  I just looked at him with pride, he was sincere and I knew it.  I told him that he had  been very good this year, so I am sure Santa would bring him something.  BUT, we could also ask Santa to bring us a gift card to buy some food to donate to a shelter.  He smiled.  And I knew he wasn’t perfect – just days later he told me, “Mom, I decided I would like some legos and maybe an iphone too from Santa.” 🙂 After all, he is only 8 years old.

Nevertheless, Santa met his wishes.  In Cole’s stocking was a $10 gift card to WalMart with a note on it to buy some dog food for an animal shelter.  He ran over to me when he saw it with a big smile on his face.  So last week we went to WalMart and bought some dog food and a few toys.

animalwThe trip to deliver them was interesting because I passed up the shelter several times before I finally saw it!  The kids were quite amused.  Nevertheless, we made it, parked, and took our donations inside.  I did not animal shelter-madi at cribanticipate that there would be animals up front!  I thought – surely we can get out of here without seeing any of the potential pets.  I was wrong!  There were some ADORABLE black fluffy puppies in a crib up animal shelter-ty with cribfront.  I was so tempted to get one, and the kids were petting them and loving on them.  I told them that dad would kill me if I brought home another dog right now, and they understood. So I let them pet the puppies a little longer than planned.  Madison and Tyler posed with the puppies.  I explained to the kids that these puppies would not be here long and would find homes in no time.  They all smiled.

I must say – it was a great idea, and they all learned that an animal shelter is a great place to find a new friend or to help a friend in need.  Great idea, Cole!


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  1. It’s so great to see you blogging again! We are starting on our journey and have delivered cookies to our firefighters and sponsored a child from Uganda through World Vision. Thank you for your stories they really do spur me on!

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