Service Project #25 – Welcome Back to School Cookies

madi2 Madi1Who doesn’t need cookies on the first day back to school?!  Though it was tough to get the boys to focus on cookie baking on the last day of their Christmas vacation, I managed to get their attention long enough to help decorate.  But Madison was stirring and mixing away with me.  The kids baked cookies for the ladies in the front office of their elementary school as a way of saying, “thanks” and “welcome back to school”.  Both the boys also made homemade cards, and I really wish I’d scanned them before they gave them away.  They were Cole Tylerboth adorable!  Cole drew the entire family (even baby Chase with a little pair of wings on him).  Tyler wrote out thank you in great handwriting!

On the first day back to school, Cole delivered the cookies to the front office along with the cards.  It really made the ladies smile, and we hope it brightened their day.


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