Service Project #26 – The Great Toy Giveaway

My goodness, my goodness.  In all of the eight years that we have been blessed with our children, I am not sure that we have taken the time to get rid of old toys even once.  Partly because we kept having kids so we thought – hey, one of the younger ones might actually play with that someday.  But the time had finally come when I just could not take it anymore.  I knew the kids would be okay with this because the night when we’d sat down to come up with ideas for service projects, it was not far down on the list that the kids actually suggested – ON THEIR OWN – to give away old toys that they didn’t play with anymore.

kids with binsThe difficult part for me was simply going through it all.  We had bins in the attic, bins in the gameroom, bins in the guest bedroom.  But that just told me even more – we must do it.  So the kids and I spent a Saturday night going through all of the toys, and they were willing to give away an awful lot of them.  And these weren’t broken or generic toys – these were some really good toys.  Transformers galore, puzzles, robots, race cars, playsets – you name it.  The kids made remarks like – hey, this is a cool toy that some other kid is going to love!  There were very few things that they wanted to keep for themselves.  goodwill2I was so proud of them for being able to recognize the overabundance in front of them and to realize how much fun a child who had very little could have with these toys.

I wanted to donate them to a hospital or children’s center, but they have pretty specific rules about health concerns from the donation of used toys.  So we decided to donate it to Goodwill.  My husband got in on this project!  The bins were so goodwillmassive we needed his help to drop them off.  I was also amazed at his willingness to just give everything away.  I am sure there are many people out there who would jump on craig’s list with those very important Transformers.  But he was fine to let someone else enjoy them without recouping any of the money we’d spent on the mountains of toys.  The great toy giveaway was a great success!


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  1. We did a massive toy clean out just before Christmas, but we haven’t made it to the Goodwill just yet. We’re waiting to see if a group at our church is going to try a fill a Goodwill truck again this year to raise money for their mission trip to South Asia. Last year they raised around $1000. (If your church wants to pool their resources to raise money for a specific cause, you might want to look into it.) I’m glad your toy giveaway was such a success. It sounds like you are raising very generous kids – that’s the most important kind of raising! 🙂

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