Service Projects

Below is a list of the organizations we’ve serviced, along with contact information for the organization. You can also visit the archives to see more detail about each project. Please consider helping where you can.

WEEK #1:

 The Montgomery County Food Bank

WEEK #2:

Compassion International

WEEK #3:

Soldiers’ Angels

WEEK #4:

Cookies for Fire Station #5

WEEK #5:

Apple delivery to neighbors

WEEK #6:

Hospitality House

WEEK #7:

Red River Quilters

WEEK #8:

The Glove Tree to Interfaith of The Woodlands

WEEK #9:

Joyful Life Church – clean up duty

WEEK #10

Good Soles

WEEK #11

Society of Samaritans

WEEK #12

Compassion International

WEEK #13

Seeds for Chase

WEEK #14

Goodwill Donation

WEEK #15

Thank You to Our Mail Carrier

WEEK #16

Faces of Change

WEEK #17

Operation Backpack


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