If you would like to share your service project experiences, ideas for great projects for children, or your organization has a special need we should consider, please contact me!

Cindy Haynes


I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Jen Tanis

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your service project posts. I have been searching for weeks for ideas to infuse into my family. Many of your posts echo my own thoughts as we strive to raise 2 boys (8yrs and 2yrs) in a way that teaches them about the Lord in practical ways. Unfortunately, most of the ministry ideas I’ve found are not suitable for young children. I really appreciate your honest and sincere approach to service and ministry. I just found this blog today and I notice you haven’t posted in over a year. I hope you are still inspired to serve, and if you would be willing to continue to share your journey, I would be delighted. Thank you for sharing what you have, it has been a blessing and encouragement to me.

    • Jen,
      You have such amazing timing. Over the past year, I have experienced a myriad of emotions as we celebrated the first birthday of the child we lost last year as well as the birth of a beautiful new baby girl this year. Along the way, we did some small service projects here and there (but they never made it to the blog). The kids would ask me over and over – when is our next service project?! i have prayed that God would guide me in my ministry on this earth. As a working mom of four, I have the time issues so many others deal with. A good christian friend of mine told me to make my kids my ministry and serve Him through them. This 52 Weeks of Serving project and my mission to create four more servants of the Lord has been on my mind for a very long time. On Christmas Eve I cried out to God to give me back the passion I once had for serving Him and to show me where to start. Then I got your email the very next morning. Only God can do things like that. He uses us on earth to spread his message, His joy, His comfort, and His guidance. Your email means the world to me – and in fact, has set into motion what I hope will be many more service projects with my children. Bless you and your family! Stay tuned!

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