Service Project #22 – Gifts for Chase

the kids with the giftsIt’s been quite some time since we did a service project, but it has also been a very difficult past couple of months.  As we approached Chase’s first birthday, I wasn’t sure I would make it.  The sadness set in so deeply.  I tried to stay as positive as I could though – particularly for the new baby girl growing inside.  I decided that for Chase’s first birthday, we would visit his gravesite as a family and do a balloon release.  I let the kids write messages on the balloons and send them up to heaven.  They loved it!  We also went shopping and bought Chase some gifts.  They each picked out a gift 100% on their own. the gifts I gave them no guidance.  It was amazing what they came up with.  Tyler, who has always had natural musical talent wanted to give him a drum, Cole who is my perfect student wanted to give him a learning toy, and Madison who is just plain adorable bought him a giant Easter bunny.  The day was absolutely beautiful, and we had a wonderful birthday celebration.  After the celebration, we visited our local Goodwill drop off and donated the toys.  It was a really wonderful project.


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